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Access Control + Video on a Single Platform with infinias

Manage and configure both video and access control
from one browser-based UI with the Intelli-M Access NVR

Pre-installed with
Intelli-M Access NVR Software

Extended storage options: up to 8TB

Windows 7 64-bit Embedded

All-in-one video management and access control solution supports up to 300 doors and up to 32 IP cameras.

       100% IP-based access control and video management system

       Manage and configure both video and access control from one browser-based UI

       Pre-Installed with Intelli-M Access NVR software

       Internal storage options from 2 to 8TB

Preinstalled with

Intelli-M Access NVR Software

Set up rules, add cameras, and configure your software into a powerful engine based on your surveillance & access control needs.

Rules Engine

The software features a powerful Rules Engine that is integrated with access control and video. Use the highly extensible rules engine to create custom rules to single out events you define. This lets you trigger video recording and carry out complex access control functions such as Lock Down, and First In, which simplifies access management.

Unlimited System Resources

Intelli-M Access NVR software supports an unlimited number of schedules, cardholders and access control events—enter as many as you need.

Email Alerts

The IA Access NVR will automatically send an email alert with a text notification when an action-triggered access control or video event occurs. This provides a record of the event and enables you quickly to take action when an incident occurs.

Custom Reporting

Intelli-M Access NVR software also enables you to create detailed reports for video events and produce PDF reports of any and all access control data events.

Frame Rate and Video Codec Configuration

Conveniently configure frame rate and video codec of system cameras on the video tab of the Intelli-M Access NVR software. Choosing your frame rate allows you to save hard drive space or record more detailed video.

Groups and Tours

Set up groups and tours. Manage dwell time and camera order directly from the Intelli-M Access NVR software.

Audio Recording

The infinias Intelli-M Access NVR will also record audio, when combined with compatible IP cameras that support audio.

View events, lock & unlock doors, and watch video from this easy-to-use remote client.

Use infinias Connect directly on the Intelli-M Access NVR, or install it on any PC for remote capabilities.

Access your video and some door controls on your Intelli-M Access NVR using infinias Connect.

infinias Connect is a remote client that displays video and data intelligence on a single interface, enabling remote management of both single-site and multi-site systems.

View events, change the lock status of doors, and search your recorded video all from the infinias Connect user interface.

Hardware Specifications
IT Platform: 2U Chassis (desktop or rack-mountable)
Server: Intel i5 Processor, 8GB of RAM
OS & Server App: Windows 7 64-bit embedded, Intelli-M Access NVR
Storage: Extended hard drive options: (2TB, 5TB, 8TB)
Safety & Certifications: UL, FCC, CE

Upgrade Options for Even More Access Control Capabilities

Intelli-M access control software can be upgraded to Intelli-M Professional or Intelli-M Corporate versions to offer even more access control capabilities for your building security needs.

Professional: Upgrade to Professional to add LDAP and calendar integration.
Corporate: Upgrade to Corporate to add the features of Professional PLUS multi-tiered support for both access and video.

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