Experience the Power of
IP-based Access Control

Since owning the technology until 2013, we proudly maintain an exclusive partnership with 3xLogic | infinias™, a leading manufacturer of IP-based access control technology. Our PoE-powered IP access control solutions are installed at more than 50,000 doors in businesses, schools, hospitals, municipalities and industrial facilities across the country, and around the world.

Reduce Complexity
and Cost
Lower your total cost of ownership by up to 30%, compared to traditional access control.
The infinias door controller connects via a single network cable, and powers all of your door accessories.
Access from
No client software. No updates. Browser-based management, from wherever you are.
Mobile Credential lets you enjoy complete access control capabilities via your smartphone.

Protecting Over 50,000 Doors

The infinias Advantage

infinias makes access control easy. Simply install one controller locally at each door and connect it to the nearest Power over Ethernet switch with a single Cat-5/6 cable.

Add doors anywhere your network goes, making it easy and cost effective to build a system one door at a time. Combine the door controller with our access management software to create a highly scalable solution that can be deployed within one building, or across multiple locations around the world.

at the Door
Traditional panel-based access control solutions support a limited number of doors per panel, and incur high cabling costs to support data and power transmission to door controllers and accessories. infinias’ highly scalable, PoE door controller powers your door accessories, dramatically reducing cabling cost and complexity.
Core Decisions
at the Edge
infinias Intelli-M Access management software can be run across the hall, across the street, or across the world. With no dedicated server hardware, this virtual environment enhances reliability, increases scalability, and simplifies management.
infinias Intelli-M Access is a scalable and easy-to-use browser-based access control management application, which eliminates the need to install software and manage updates. Available in Essentials, Professional and Corporate versions, it is ideal for virtually any access control management.
Access Control
infinias Intelli-M Access control software comes in essentials, professional and corporate versions, designed to meet your unique requirements.
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Access Control
Access control hardware includes IP door controllers, ready-to-install door kits, fully-configured multi-door servers, and I/O panels.
Card Readers
and Credentials
We offer fully-integrated proximity readers, access cards and access control credentials for building access control systems.
Access Control
We offer an extensive range of access control accessories, designed to support your door access control needs.