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Alibi Central Management Software

Manage Multiple Devices at Multiple Locations from
a Single Software Platform


Alibi Central Management Software (CMS) is a professional monitoring platform that enables management of multiple devices, at multiple locations, from a single interface.

This user-friendly software application is loaded with powerful features to enhance your customers’ management and viewing experience, including: drag-and-drop system and camera selection, customizable displays, device grouping, alarms and notifications, remote system management, and much more.

Alibi Central Management Software

Download Alibi CMS (92MB)

View Alibi CMS Manual (PDF 5.6MB)

System requirements:  Windows  Microsoft® Windows® XP  |  2003  |  2008  |  7

Key Features and Capabilities

Technology Agnostic – Alibi CMS is engineered to support all Alibi analog, HD Analog, and IP recording solutions – delivering unparalleled flexibility today, and as your surveillance needs evolve.
Alibi Discovery Protocol (ADP) – Auto-discovers all Alibi recorders and cameras on your LAN. (You don’t need to know the specific IP address for each device).
Convenient Viewing – View up to 64 live cameras on a single screen.
Extensive Device Support – Supports for up to 256 devices with a maximum of 1024 channels.
Customizable Screen Views – Customize viewing layouts and groups – mixing and matching cameras from multiple systems and multiple locations.
Import Mapping – Import a location map and add devices with visual icons to the map. Set up alerts for each device on the map and receive notifications via email.
Full Calendar Search – Quickly narrow down your search criteria, selecting weeks or days – to one-minute segments, filtering by user-defined events.
Smart Search – Define an area within your image and search for motion only within that area – to quickly locate video of traffic through a doorway, activity near an object, or other events in a specific location.
Video Tagging – Create video tags that represent events of interest (such as “shoplifting”) and search your video library to quickly access all tagged events at a later time.
Instant Replay – Choose 30 seconds to 10-minute intervals of instant playback of recorded video. Choose your time interval and watch playback in the same pane without having to switch between live and playback screen.
Two-Way Audio – Hear audio and communicate between two devices at two separate locations. No need to get on the phone!
Alarm Control – Create notification alerts when physical alarms connected to the system are triggered by motion, an alarm input or video exceptions such as hard drive failures.
Event Management – Manage events when motion is detected, or triggered by an alarm input or device exception and take action. Receive an alert or an email in real-time when an illegal login occurs or an alarm is triggered.
Account Management – Create up to 50 users for the CMS and create and manage different types of users and permission. Restrict access and grant permissions to which cameras users at various locations can and cannot see, for a customized view by user.