Cost-Effective Cloud Surveillance Solutions for Self Storage Facilities

Alibi Cloud VS is a simple, scalable, ultra-secure cloud video surveillance platform, designed to help Self Storage and Public Storage owners protect their facilities and renter property. Our camera-to-cloud architecture eliminates the cost and complexity of managing on-premise recording devices – and enables centralized, cloud-based management of SINGLE and/or MULTI-SITE businesses.

Key Features for Self Storage Facilities


A single dashboard lets you easily view live or recorded video from any camera, at any location, anywhere in world. Plus, you can adjust camera settings, customize your screen view, zones/locations in a simple user interface.


Alibi Cloud VS supports an unlimited amount of cameras, locations, and user accounts without the limitations of traditional systems.


Alibi Cloud VS does not require setting up a VPN or port forwarding for remote viewing of cameras. SSL/TSL handshakes are used to make the connection from camera to cloud, ensuring secure, encrypted transmission up and down, as well as video being stored in ultra-secure Tier 4 data centers.

Video Footage

We offer flexible storage options to ensure you have access to the footage you need. Storage plans are currently offered for 7, 14, 30, 365 days and can be adjusted at any time.

Simplify Management and Investigations with Smart Search Functionality

Spend less time looking for specific events on your property. The powerful Smart Search functionality saves you time and energy by allowing you to search specific areas in the field of view, by camera, to find the footage you are seeking. Peruse hours of video footage in seconds/minutes.

Secure Your Self Storage Facility with Powerful AI Analytics

Human Detection

Analytics specifically look for and identifies people in the field of view. It eliminates false alarms based on animals, pets, and other movement of non-human objects.

Line Crossing/Trip Wire

Setup uni- or bi-directional lines that will trigger alerts when objects cross. Ideal for controlling access to specific areas in the camera field of view.

Object Detection

This more general analytic will send alerts and notifications based on large objects moving into, entering, or exiting the field of view. A broader analytic that will trigger alarms and alerts for a wider range of objects.

Intrusion Detection

Define specific areas of any size or shape to identify objects. Also, set areas to be excluded and eliminate false alarms in areas that are not critical in the field of view.

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Key Benefits of Camera-to-Cloud Surveillance

No recording devices to manage or maintain
Off-premise storage in ULTRA-SECURE T4 cloud data centers
Unlimited cameras, locations, and user-access
Flexible camera & storage plans to meet your needs & budget
No contracts or commitments

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