Storage and Subscription Options

How Cloud Storage Works

Alibi Cloud VS is enabled via subscription plans. All subscription plans are priced per-camera per-month, and vary based on camera resolution and desired retention period.

All plans include unlimited web & mobile access, 24/7 operational monitoring, unlimited event recording, unlimited alerts, and more.

Unlimited Web and Mobile Access

24/7 Operational Monitoring

Unlimited Event Recording

Unlimited Alerts

Cloud Subscription Options

The following plans are the most popular, but higher resolution and/or different retention periods are available. Please contact us for more details.



HD 720p

HD 1080p

7 Days

HD 720P : EN-CHD1-D7-1

HD 1080P : EN-CHD2-D7-1

14 Days

HD 720P : EN-CHD1-D14-1

HD 1080P : EN-CHD2-D14-1

30 Days

HD 720P : EN-CHD1-D30-1

HD 1080P : EN-CHD2-D30-1

90 Days

HD 720P : EN-CHD1-D90-1

HD 1080P : EN-CHD2-D90-1

180 Days

HD 720P : EN-CHD1-D180-1

HD 1080P : EN-CHD2-D180-1

365 Days

HD 720P : EN-CHD1-D365-1

HD 1080P : EN-CHD2-D365-1

730 Days

HD 720P : EN-CHD1-D730-1

HD 1080P : EN-CHD2-D730-1

How can I subscribe to Alibi Cloud VS?

A subscription to Alibi Cloud VS can only be purchased via one of our Certified Resellers. Call us to locate one near you.

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