Video Security Analytics

Alibi Cloud VS features a powerful suite of analytics to provide alerts and notifications as an added layer of protection on your cloud based video security system. Additionally, these event-based analytics help users locate specific incidents quicker when reviewing video footage. Find specific events FASTER with the built-in smart search analytics feature.

Human Detection

This analytics specifically looks for and identifies human beings in the field of view. It eliminates false alarms based on animals, pets and other movement of non-human objects.

Object Detection

This more general analytic will send alerts and notifications based on large objects moving into, entering, or exiting the field of view. A broader analytic that will trigger alarms and alerts for a wider range of objects.

Intrusion Detection

Define specific areas of any size or shape to identify objects. Also, set areas to be excluded and eliminate false alarms in areas that are not critical in the field of view.

Line Crossing/Trip Wire

Setup uni- or bi-directional lines that will trigger alerts when objects cross. Ideal for controlling access to specific areas in the camera field of view.