Over the last several years, Cackle & Oink owners had experienced some limitations with their on-premise system, including:

  • Routine system maintenance. Whenever their overall network required a maintenance upgrade, they lost connectivity to their security system. This led them to seek a more advanced solution that would not be affected every time they had to change their router or switch to a new IP address.
  • Costly security system maintenance. When their security system needed firmware upgrades, or they wanted to add storage or cameras to the system, it required a call and visit from their local security provider. As they grew their business and expanded security coverage, these costs began to add up. They needed a more straightforward, cost-effective way to expand their security coverage without breaking the budget.
  • Credential management. Managing user permissions in a high turnover environment was one of their most significant challenges. The owners needed a way to quickly grant permissions to newly-promoted shift managers and easily disable permissions when an employee quit or was let go.
  • Increased safety and liability concerns over uncovered areas. Like any busy restaurant environment, there were high-risk areas of the store that were not covered with their on-premise system and posed a high liability risk. Specifically, they were concerned about the slippery floors near the drink station and the back parking lot where several vandalism acts had occurred.

Since installing the cloud solution, any firmware upgrades or maintenance is handled for them and automatically applied, eliminating the labor costs they used to pay to security professional. It also allows Cackle & Oink owners to benefit from a simplified credential management system, where they can add or delete user permission remotely. If an accident like a slip-and-fall or employee theft occurs, their cloud-to-cameras ensure they’re fully covered with 24/7 off-premise video footage. If they expand to more locations in the future, they can add additional cameras and users with the click of their mouse.