EmergeOrtho (EO) has grown into an award-winning multi-site business providing orthopedic, spine, and pain management services over the last decade, with 45 locations across North Carolina.

With a rapidly growing footprint, they knew they needed a video surveillance system that was robust and flexible enough to meet four key challenges:

  • Remote access and customizable viewing
  • Easy multi-user management
  • Secure storage that meets compliance regulations
  • Cost-effective scalability

Although they initially considered an on-premise security system, EmergeOrtho owners chose Alibi Security's Cloud VS solution because of its flexibility, scalability, and simplicity. They implemented the Cloud VS at their busiest clinic – installing eleven cloud-enabled cameras to cover all key areas and immediately realized the following benefits:

  • One dashboard and login for all locations
  • Scalability for a growing business
  • Secure footage, available as long as they need it
  • A simplified, cost-effective approach to their system’s maintenance
  • Security that is up to date

With Alibi Cloud VS implemented at their busiest clinic, EmergeOrtho is already looking to bring a second location online and continue the rollout. EO owners have already realized that Alibi Cloud VS makes monitoring the safety of staff and patients easy. The solution allows them to remain compliant with medical regulations for video footage retention while maintaining a flexible infrastructure that can handle unlimited cameras and users.

For the complete story and information download the EmergeOrtho Success Story.

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