With the increase in customer traffic, came several security issues:

  • Expensive settlements. Customers claiming they injured themselves on mall property were costing the property owners tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Without a surveillance system to document the incident and legitimately disprove their claim, they were forced to give in – and pay up.
  • A spike in parking lot accidents. The parking lot outside of one of their most popular stores had become a hot zone for fender benders and rear-ended collisions. The absence of stop signs and speed bumps were putting pedestrians and drivers at continual risk of getting hurt. From a safety and liability perspective, management knew they needed a security system to document and store data evidence when accidents took place.

Since the camera-to-cloud install, Lebanon Church Shops has enjoyed the peace of mind of a fully secure mall. Since consumers are protected under a two-year statute of limitations clause, Lebanon owners are now protected with flexible storage options when fraudulent liability claims are made, and can quickly prove fault with high-resolution video evidence.

For more information download the Lebanon Church Shops Case Study.

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