Like many multi-location franchises, Mattison Avenue's biggest challenges involve managing their high salon traffic and turnover. With so many customers, leasees, and deliveries coming and going, the owners require remote viewing to keep tabs on all locations from a centralized interface. When a shipment arrives or a service technician is called in to fix a leaky faucet, management needs the ability to visually verify who they are letting in and be able to grant them one-time access remotely.

With Alibi Cloud VS now in place, Mattison’s management team now has the peace of mind of a fully secure business. From their PC or tablet, users can view crystal clear surveillance footage, and create zones by region for easy viewing. When a package arrives, they can verify with confidence whom they are letting in, providing them with an extra layer of security. As the company grows, it’s simple to secure each new location, making it immediately accessible for centralized management.

For more information download the Mattison Avenue Case Study.

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