Store-All provides high-quality storage solutions throughout the Charleston and Hurricane area of West Virginia. In the past several years, they've experienced steady growth and transitioned from a single location to a multi-site business.

Although they had a security system in place, insufficient camera coverage and delayed alerts were causing criminal activity to take place – affecting their business from a liability, safety, and profit perspective.

After considering options from several providers, they chose Alibi Cloud VS because of its video analytics capabilities and cost-effective, scalable solution. Two cloud-enabled dome cameras were installed in front and along the side of their gated front entrance. Now, when trespassers hop over the front entrance gate, the owners are immediately sent an instant notification by email and to their mobile device in real-time. This has already provided them with an improved accuracy their previous security system did not offer.

For more information download the Store-All Storage Facilities Success Story.

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