With so many guests coming and going, their high-traffic "hot spots" were causing security and safety risks:

  • Kitchen: hot dishes, busy kitchen staff, and wet floors are a dangerous combination - just one slip-and-fall accident can lead to an expensive lawsuit.
  • Lilypond: this unique amenity is one of White Barn's biggest perks - but paddle at your own risk! It's unsupervised during events and a popular activity for trespassers after business hours.

The owners of White Barn didn't have a surveillance system in place but knew they needed one to keep tabs on their property and oversee guest and staff activity when they were off-premise or working remotely. If trespassers vandalize their property, the owners need data evidence they can remotely view, download, and send to local authorities. With upcoming plans to expand their services (including a Bed & Breakfast), they required a security system that could allow them to scale up with additional cameras, user permissions, and storage.

Since the camera-to-cloud install, White Barn owners now have around-the-clock surveillance. If a trespasser vandalizes their property, they'll get notified in real-time on their smartphone, which they can then download and send to authorities within minutes. Once their Bed & Breakfast is built, they can easily add more cameras, adjust user permissions, and increase storage retention. With Alibi Cloud VS, owners can protect their assets, guests, and staff with a simple, scalable, and secure solution.

For more information download the White Barn Case Study.

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