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  1. Roots Rx Success Story

    Roots RX is a multi-location cannabis dispensary located in Western Colorado. They provide high-quality cannabis products, a knowledgable staff, and superior customer service. Covering six locations between Denver and Aspen, they pride themselves on offering the lowest prices on cannabis in Colorado. With strict state compliance guide...

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  2. Cannabis Compliance: Video Surveillance Solutions for a More Secure Business

    This white paper explores cannabis industry video surveillance regulations, along with various video solutions that can help you meet those state-enforced compliance requirements. From CBD oil to cannabis beverages, the cannabis market is on fire—and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In 2017, North Amer...

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  3. HighQ Multi-Location Retail - Cannabis Industry Success Story

    With High Q’s recent expansion came several operational challenges: Increased theft. With their expansion brought on an increase in customer theft. Although they had existing analog cameras in place, the resolution was too low to capture the identification of their shoplifters. Inconsistent quality control...

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