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Why Invest in Citywide Surveillance?

Most cities in the USA are feeling the strain of budget cuts. Manpower is at a premium and officers can’t be everywhere at once. Our new line of Citywide Surveillance gives you an affordable force multiplier that is easy to expand and even easier to manage.

Public SupportPublic Support

Outspoken activist groups make it easy to assume that there is little support for surveillance in public areas. However, according to a 2009 Harris survey, 96% of Americans support increased surveillance to counter terrorism. In the same survey, 54% said they support using stimulus funds to combat crime.

Fuel SavingsFuel Savings

Dispatch can quickly direct patrols to hotspots, reducing the amount officers drive around patrolling. This means tremendous fuel savings for municipalities and allows a citywide solution to quickly pay for itself.

Force MultiplicationForce Multiplication

Citywide surveillance provides law enforcement with additional eyes and ears and allows municipalities to efficiently use their patrols to go beyond patrolling for crime, be quickly dispatched to intervene in active scenarios and more.

Immediate InteractionImmediate Interaction

Until patrols arrive, trained staff can track subjects, make facial identification, listen in and even issue verbal commands.

Get Your Own First-hand AccountGet Your Own
       First-hand Account

Rather than relying on statements of others, your own video record can be used to conclusively discern “what really happened.”

Contact one of our dedicated law enforcement sales representatives for a Customized Citywide
Surveillance Solution


Benefits of Citywide WatchBox Series

Local & Remote Storage Each citywide watch box system comes complete with on-board recording, insuring against evidence loss regardless of the transmission method (3G and 4G cellular data, Wi-Fi, mesh, cable, DSL, etc.) chosen and its status. You can rest assured that high resolution recordings are saved on the DVR hard drive.

  • Alerts All of our watch box solutions can be programmed to quickly alert officers to cameras with priority activity via email and SMS messaging.
  • Advanced VMS Included The included advanced video management software is easy to use and provides simultaneous monitoring of up to 96 cameras, can index thousands more, and allows administrators to remotely manage DVR functionality.
  • Mapping Standard citywide solutions come complete with mapping modules that seamlessly integrate city maps with the camera locations. Users can stream video instantly with one-click of any of the integrated camera icons.
  • Bandwidth Management Managing transmission methods and available bandwidth is easy with our citywide watch boxes. They can easily dual-stream multiple resolutions & frame rates. The local on-board recording and available bandwidth throttling also makes it easy to manage data transmissions and minimize bandwidth consumption during peak hours.
  • Easy Installation Our standard citywide solutions are made to be easily mounted on a pole for rapid deployment. If data is transmitted over a 3G or 4G cellular data network, all you need to do is add power.

Fully Customizable to Suit your Needs!

Each of our citywide solutions comes in a tough, industrial NEMA4X rated metal housing with internal cooling, AC power supply, pole mount kit, and our powerful DVRM6 remote viewable DVR. Quickly network the unit with a Sprint or Verizon cellular aircard and a static IP address or use the unit’s internal router with a citywide internet. The free CMS software enables your dispatcher or even your officers to see and manage multiple units at the same time. The DVR also has an iPhone client. The map function allows you to place the units on a map of your city so you can quickly and easily pull up any locations of interest.

Options to suit your unique needs

A team of on-staff engineers and fabrication specialists can tailor each system to meet your precise needs. Options include:


  • Cellular data 3G & 4G
  • Wireless mesh
  • Wi-Fi downlinks

Emergency Backup Power

  • Outdoor rated UPS systems
  • Augmenting solar arrays
Motion Detection


  • People counting
  • Loitering
  • Dropped article and more

Custom Enclosures

  • Bulletproof options
  • Agency badge
Motion Detection


  • Megapixel cameras
  • Thermal
  • Active infrared
  • Long range optics

Interactive Tools

  • High gain microphones
  • Public address speakers
  • Warning lights

Extreme Climate Protection

  • Heating & cooling units


  • On-site survey and engineering
  • Installation through integrator
  • On-site staff training
  • Free unlimited technical support