Security Solutions
for Safer Schools

The dramatic increase in gun violence at schools across the country means campus security is a key focus for school administrators, staff and parents. The key question is – how do we protect our students, teachers and administrators from becoming the next victims of an attack at one of our schools?

Video security combined with access control technology can help deter these attacks. But if an event occurs, video and access control can provide real-time alerts and intelligence to quickly respond. Video security allows you to keep an eye on critical areas on campus monitoring entrance points to campus, doors, alleyways, loading docks and more. A well-designed access control solution provides the next layer of protection ensuring only authorized parties can enter/exit or access key areas of the school and if a threat arises proper lockdown protocols can be activated to isolate the threat to prevent more injuries or deaths from occurring.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a critical layer of protection for your campus security solution. Strategically placed cameras can deter criminal activity, allow your staff to monitor activity in sensitive areas, and capture video evidence that can be easily and quickly shared with security staff and law enforcement. A well-designed video surveillance solution is not cookie cutter and needs to consider the unique elements and traffic patterns of your campus to most effectively cover and monitor key areas at critical times.

Powerful Analytics to Identify Threats

Now you can turn on powerful AI-based analytics as part of your traditional security solution. Our Hybrid Cloud solution allows you to add human/vehicle detection, GUN DETECTION, loitering and object left behind analytics to any traditional security solution – with NO additional hardware. This gives you the capability to identify threats that appear in the camera field of view, sending out immediate alerts to the authorities to quickly and effectively respond to dangerous situations.

The following analytics can be activated through Hybrid Cloud to receive real-time alerts and notifications:

Human/Vehicle Detection

Reduce false alarms by 95% and get accurate alerts with humans or vehicles enter a designated area.

Gun Detection

Identify firearms that are brandished in the field of view BEFORE they are fired.

Object Left Behind Detection

Detect objects that get left behind in a field of view so they can be investigated before they inflict harm.


Define a ‘watch area’ and get alerted when person(s) are standing in that area for a specific duration of time.

Cloud Backup for Traditional Systems

Hybrid Cloud also gives you the ability to store critical video footage in the cloud for 180 days. If you have a traditional video security solution – cameras + recorder – and want to ensure you always have the footage you need, activate Cloud Backup as part of your overall solution.

100% Cloud Video Surveillance

If you would prefer to eliminate on-premise recording devices altogether, consider direct camera to cloud video surveillance. This allows you to connect cameras directly to the internet and stream security footage directly to the cloud therefor eliminating common failure points like recorders or hard drives. And cloud video surveillance also makes it super easy to manage multiple sites and unlimited users on one account. If you don’t have a large IT staff and want to minimize maintenance and upfront costs for video security, cloud video surveillance is a great solution to consider.

Cloud Surveillance

Cloud surveillance supports a safer, more secure school with new cloud technology. Cloud surveillance allows for school security administrators to safely view recordings 24/7 with remote access, without the need for traditional, on-premise hardware. Cloud technology also helps to remove any potential hardware failures that traditional recording hardware often faces, such as failed recorders, dead batteries, or storage limits.

  • Remove the need for recorders or additional hardware equipment that could potentially fail.

  • Allow your school security professionals and administrators to view different locations on campus, or different campuses entirely from the cloud with internet access at anytime.

  • Scale your control to multiple cameras and sites, allowing your users 24/7 access control with cloud surveillance.

  • Turn on and off your user’s access with the click of a button, ensuring security across your community.