Video Management

DIGIOP ELEMENTS is a full-featured video management system that includes multi-site live and recorded viewing, smart search capabilities, mobility, and much more.


Review Video, Anytime, Anywhere

PROBLEM Multiple locations? Multiple cameras? Inefficient remote playback? How can you remotely access the footage you need to see?

SOLUTION With DIGIOP ELEMENTS, it's simple. Remotely access video for all your locations in a single platform.

  • Use ELEMENTS to simultaneously view live and recorded footage from any camera across all store locations.

  • Maximize your bandwidth – our dual-stream support provides a lower-resolution live stream while recording at maximum resolution.

Smart Search

PROBLEM In a hurry? Need to see a specific employee or transaction? How can you quickly find what you need?

SOLUTION With DIGIOP ELEMENTS, it's simple. Enhanced search functions produce faster results.

  • Use thumbnail search to quickly see a large segment of video broken down into single frames. Find your video of interest in seconds.

  • Don’t spend hours reviewing video. Use Smart Search to quickly highlight areas of activity, and turn large video clips into snapshots of the most interesting information.

Flexible Solutions

Tired of having to “rip and replace”? Hoping to avoid hefty upfront fees and software costs? How can you affordably and effectively reuse what you already have?

With DIGIOP ELEMENTS, it's simple. Don’t spend a fortune on a VMS.

With our monthly subscription service, you get access to the software you need without a large initial investment.

Keep your equipment – our software is compatible with a wide range of analog, HD analog, and IP cameras.

Cloud-Based Management

Looking for a single platform to manage all your systems? A custom solution for multiple locations? Someone to handle software updates? Which VMS should you choose?

Get the guidance you need. We manage all updates in the cloud, with the single push of a button.

Remotely manage all aspects of your VMS – users, settings, permissions, camera configurations, and more.

Monitor System Health

PROBLEM Locations spread across several states? No on-site tech support? Small team of IT professionals? How can you be sure your camera system is running smoothly?

SOLUTION With DIGIOP System Health, it’s simple. Get immediate alerts when equipment malfunctions.

  • See a Google Maps view of all cameras and zoom in on a specific location for details.

  • Receive real-time reporting on disk usage, data storage, and system speed.

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