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We bring the leads to you.

Marketing Services

We understand that many security professionals don’t enjoy the luxury of having a marketing department. You may not have the time, money, or expertise to design your own marketing collateral, create print or web campaigns to build awareness, or manage lead generation campaigns for your business. That’s where we can help!

Based on continued feedback from our Partners, we have created a powerful marketing program designed to help you build awareness of your business, and generate leads directly to your sales team.


Lead Referral

Every day, we generate hundreds of calls and thousands of web visits from potential customers – who often are looking for local installation and support services. We freely share these opportunities with our qualified Partners.

Contract Referral

We continually review Federal, state, and local contracts, looking for opportunities that fit the technologies we offer. We share these opportunities with our Partners, and provide you the professional services required to successfully pursue these opportunities.

Marketing Tools


All qualified Partners have access to our innovative PowerLeadsTM engine, offering turn-key resources and tools to market to your existing customers – and to drive new leads to your sales team, including:

PowerLeadsTM Plus

Eligible Partners may qualify for our PowerLeadsTM Plus program, which features additional marketing engines designed to provide you with a professional online presence, build local awareness, and generate local demand for your products and services:

Partner Websites
Dedicated Website(s)

Be found for local online search traffic. Our professionally-designed, search engine optimized websites are branded for your business and customized to promote your products and services, to help you compete for business in your geographic area(s).

Local Directory Listings

We help you show up when potential customers are looking for your goods and services via online local directories.

Social Media Accounts

Interact with customers and prospects and strengthen your brand with social media. We create and maintain both Facebook and Twitter accounts, linked directly to your branded website(s)

Real-time Reporting Tools

Track your leads and your sales team’s performance with automated reporting tools on our online portal.


Want to do it yourself? We support that too! Through our online Partner portal, you have direct access to price lists, catalogs, product slicks, images, videos, documents, and resources – for every brand and product we sell.

Product Resources

Download high-resolution images, logos, product data sheets, and other sales enablement tools to make your team more effective.

Price List and Partner Catalog

Download Partner-only catalogs and price lists for every product.

Marketing Collateral

Browse our selection of ready-to-use marketing materials (posters, brochures, flyers, and more).

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