Generate Customer Reviews

REVIEWS have the power to influence potential customers and strengthen your company’s credibility. Yet, reviews are commonly overlooked by security service providers.

Alibi offers our Dealers a TURNKEY engine to generate positive reviews for your business, and promote them where they have the biggest impact on consideration.

It’s simple, fast, and 100% FREE for Alibi Dealers!

Generate Customer Reviews

We make generating positive
reviews easy!

After completing a project, simply login to your Alibi Arsenal portal, upload your customer contact, select our Customer Reviews template, and hit send. We’ll generate a professional email – branded for your business, soliciting a positive review from your customer(s).

Filter Positive Reviews

Worried about negative feedback?
We’ve got your back!

If a customer selects a 4-5 star rating, we will redirect that customer to leave a review on your platform of choice. If the customer selects a 1-3 star rating, we redirect them to an internal survey page, and send their feedback to you – for training or follow-up.

Promote Where You Want

Push reviews to where they’ll
have the biggest impact

YOU select where you’d like to redirect customers to leave their positive review. While we highly recommend your Google My Business page, the choice is yours. Simply access your Alibi Arsenal portal, update your Dealer Profile, and assign your reviews location.

We have simple instructions to help!

Ready to
Get Started?

Follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Login to our Alibi Security website
  • 2. Go to your customer dashboard
  • 3. Click the Alibi Arsenal tab

There you will find instructions to access your Alibi Arsenal account, how to use our Email Campaigns Engine, and how to access your Branded Web Pages.

Again … it’s 100% FREE!

Let us help you get started today!

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