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Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s critical that your target audience is aware of your business, solutions, and services – when they are looking for a security solution. This requires that you proactively reach that potential customer, or show up where and when he/she is looking.

Yet, many Security Professionals continue to rely heavily on word of mouth for their next lead.

Why? Because it’s not easy to create the professional content, emails, landing pages, and resources to effectively promote your offering, and connect with your target audience. But we’re here to help!

Alibi offers our Dealers TURNKEY email marketing campaigns to help reach targeted prospects, promote your solutions & services, and elevate your brand.

They are simple, fast, and 100% FREE for Alibi Dealers!

Turnkey Email Campaigns

Select by target industry or solution

We offer a library of professionally designed email templates, branded for YOUR business – featuring your logo and contact information. Simply upload your contact list, choose a template, and hit send.

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Targeted Landing Pages

Branded for YOUR business!

For many campaigns, we provide targeted landing pages, branded for YOUR business. Emails link to related web pages – AND – you can link directly to these pages from your website or marketing campaigns.

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Log in to your account, visit your Dealer Dashboard, select the Alibi Arsenal tab, and view "Branded Web Pages".

Lead Funnels
to YOUR Sales Team

Convert consideration into prospects

All email templates and branded web pages promote YOUR contact information – and are designed to funnel all calls, leads, and demo requests directly to YOUR sales team.

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There you will find instructions to access your Alibi Arsenal account, how to use our Email Campaigns Engine, and how to access your Branded Web Pages.

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