How NDAA Impacts Selling Security Solutions to Federally-funded Projects

National Defense Authorization Act (Section 889)

In 2018, Congress passed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2019. Section 889 of the NDAA includes prohibitions regarding certain telecommunications and video surveillance equipment and services.

Looking for the current list of Alibi Vigilant products that meet Section 889 technical requirements?


NDAA Section 889 Part A:

NDAA Section 889 Part A stipulates that the federal government may not obtain (through a contract or other instrument) certain telecommunications and video equipment or services produced by the following companies or their subsidiaries and affiliates:

  • Huawei Technologies Company
  • ZTE Corporation
  • Hytera Communications Corporation
  • Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company
  • Dahua Technology Company

In order to be approved for use in telecommunications or video security systems, equipment must meet the technical requirements set forth above and not be manufactured or contain any components from the named, banned companies or affiliates.

Alibi Security offers products that have been specifically designed and manufactured to comply with these technical requirements and to be used as part of Section 889 Part A technically compliant video security solutions. These products include:

Looking for the current list of Alibi Vigilant products that meet Section 889 technical requirements?


Additionally, we offer products from third-party partners that may also be used as part of compliant security systems. Select products from these vendors meet the product technical requirements of NDAA Section 889.

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NDAA Section 889 Part B:

NDAA Section 889 Part B stipulates that if you a prime contractor for the federal government OR are bidding projects that use federal funding, you must be compliant with all NDAA Section 889 requirements. NDAA regulations extend beyond equipment compliance and it is important that you understand these requirements before you participate in projects using federal funds of any kind. To help you assess your compliance with NDAA Section 889 Part B, we recommend you review the following resources: