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Alibi Witness DDNS Services

Posted on August 21, 2020 in Alibi Witness Security Recorders Alibi Downloads

DDNS Services

All recorders and IP cameras can be connected to the internet and configured to be accessed from outside their local network. Using an IP address provided by an internet service provider, a user is able to connect to his or her device. Most users do not have a static IP addresses that never changes, which means a user must reconfigure their device connection settings every time a new IP address is allocated. This issue can be overcome by using a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) Service. A fixed address is assigned by the DDNS service provider that can be used to connect to the desired device. The device must also be configured with the DDNS credentials so that it can automatically update the service when a new allocated IP address is assigned by the ISP.

Alibi provides a free DDNS service for all Alibi products - powered by No-IP.

To begin setting up your Alibi DDNS service, click here.

Download the DDNS Set Up Guide for more detailed information.