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6 Top Locations for Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Posted on February 6, 2014 in Security Cameras

6 Top Locations for Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Protecting your home and family begins with having a high-quality video security system installed in your residence. The best line of defense, is determining the areas where your home is most vulnerable, in order to choose the best locations for placing your outdoor security cameras.

A well-monitored home is a safe home, and monitoring key areas is essential for protecting your home from theft. We’ve compiled a list of the top outdoor locations to be monitored by your home surveillance cameras.

The Front Door

For the majority of burglars and thieves the front door is still the preferred form of entry when breaking into a home. In fact, The National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association estimates that nearly one-third of burglars enter through the front door and 80% of break-ins occur through a locked door.

It’s important to have an outdoor security camera pointed at your front door with a clear, unobstructed view of the front doorway. You can mount the security camera on the eaves of your roof. If you have a home that has second story, you can mount the camera on the second level and aim it at your front door. Mounting the camera on the second story can prevent a thief from tampering with your security camera. A vandal-resistant security camera is ideal for mounting in single story homes. A vandal-proof surveillance camera offers added protection because it’s resistant to tampering and impact from thieves.

For additional security, make sure your front door has a high-quality deadbolt installed and you can place video security monitoring signs in your front yard and on your front door to deter burglars.

And, remember, most thieves enter your home in broad daylight when they assume you will be at work— between the hours of 10:30 am and 3 pm.

The Back Door

The back door is the second most popular entry point for home burglaries. It’s important to have a security camera with a clear view of your back door. And, like the front door, make sure the video camera is out of reach of thieves. It’s a good idea to install a vandal-resistant security camera to monitor the back door of single story homes.

An unlit back door, or one that his hidden by shrubbery, or type of landscaping is especially vulnerable to thieves. Keep the back door well-lit with a standard or motion detection floodlight and keep the landscaping around the back door neatly trimmed.


Thieves love breaking into homes with open or unlocked windows and windows that are obscured from view and are on the ground level.

Have an outdoor camera aimed at front windows, as well as windows that may be hidden from view from the street.

Remember to always keep your windows (especially first floor windows) closed and locked when you are away from home, and at night when you are in bed at night. Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving a window open or unlocked when they run a quick errand, leaving the home vulnerable and providing thieves with an easy entry point.

Patio Doors and French Doors

Patio doors and French doors are also popular entry points for thieves. Aiming your video camera at your patio door or French doors is also recommended for keeping your home and family safe.

French doors are easy to break into. For added security ensure your French doors are reinforced with durable, tempered glass and install a deadbolt that locks at the top and bottom. You can even install a security bar to reinforce the French doors.

For patio doors, placing a metal rod in the sliding track of the door will provide additional security.

The Garage

It’s common for burglars to enter a home through an unlocked garage, or by using a garage door opener that’s located in an unlocked car in a home owners’ driveway. Install a security camera that has a good view of your garage and driveway.

Keep your garage doors locked at all times (even when you are home), and keep your garage door opener out of sight.

The Backyard

It’s also important to have an outdoor security camera installed in your home that provides a clear, wide view of your backyard. An outdoor video security camera with a wide angle view, night vision camera with a long IR range is ideal for monitoring your backyard.

It’s also important to keep your backyard well-lit. Install adequate lighting. And, many homeowners keep expensive recreational equipment and lawn and garden equipment out in their backyard. Don’t make your backyard enticing to thieves. Keep all equipment out of view, or locked in a shed.