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GSA Schedule


Important Contracting Information

15505 Long Vista Drive, Building 250
Austin, TX 78728
Phone: 800-335-9777/512-778-6950
Fax: 866-936-7257

DUNS: 780851226


Kathleen M Henson,
[email protected]

February 1, 2004 –
January 31, 2024

Awarded Special Item Numbers:

  • 426 4C Night Vision Equipment
  • 426 4C (RC)
  • 426 4S Surveillance Systems
  • 426 4S (RC)



Keep a watchful eye on government spending. Supercircuits' GSA schedule # GS-07F-5563P provides the lowest pricing on quality surveillance equipment.

Supercircuits is a pre-approved, federally qualified GSA Schedule holder. We have extensive experience providing video and audio security products to the government, enabling us to offer value-added solutions to federal agencies through the GSA schedule.

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Featured Products to Get You Started

Interview Rooms

Supercircuits offers a wide range of solutions, by feature and price, all customizable for virtually any application, with the unique features you need most in an interview room system. Our systems are robust and easy-to-use, making them simple and convenient.

Covert Surveillance

Covert cameras are a staple for investigators. Our hidden camera gear features up-to-date disguises, has the best technology, is very difficult to identify, and is easy to use and set up quickly. The cameras inside are able to handle tough, demanding conditions such as intense or low lighting, while giving you an easy push-button solution.

Video Surveillance Systems

To get started quickly, there is no better solution than our complete video systems. Ours come with everything you need to get started and are available in 4, 8, and 16 channel customizable options. Our systems are smartphone compatible, support internet viewing, and are simple to install, with an easy-to-use interface.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does GSA mean to me?

  • Guaranteed best pricing plus an additional 5% discount
  • An additional 2% for Net 20 payments
  • Volume discounts up to 15% for large purchases

Who can receive GSA discounts?

  • Federal, State and local governments
  • Educational and some non-profit entities
  • Government contractors executing their own GSA or Federal contract

Do you have government specialist?

Yes! Supercircuits has a dedicated government team that is comprised of law enforcement and military veterans that know both the gear and how to deploy it.

How can I order and receive the GSA discount?

1. By Phone (Most customers prefer this method)

This is the preferred method for most because you’ll get government technical specialist that knows the gear, how to use it and understands you’re requirements as a government buyer. To reach them today, please call 1-877-995-2288-.

2. Online

Not all equipment online is GSA scheduled. However, you can be certain that any gear selected that is on GSA will receive the GSA base and other applicable discounts.

3. Fax

All orders received by fax will be reviewed by the government team, ensuring discounts are applied and each order will receive a prompt confirmation.

4. GSA Advantage

All Supercircuits GSA scheduled items are available for purchase on GSA Advantage.

What items are on GSA?


A comprehensive suite of IP and analog surveillance components and systems, to meet needs replacement, small site security and large campus, physical security needs.

Mobile Video for Patrol

Advanced digital video systems that provide a full suite of integration to emergency equipment and radar. Aftermarket components to upgrade or replacement cameras, microphones, cables from existing in car camera systems.

Undercover Surveillance Equipment

Ready-made covert surveillance equipment designed specifically for undercover operations performed in a mobile environment. Also available are components and free consultation for agencies building their own.

Inspection and Thermal Mobile Video

Fiber optic inspection scopes for search and seizure of contraband. Both handheld and mobile-ready thermal imagers.


Our Austin, TX based production facility is available to build surveillance devices to meet specific mission requirements. Service levels include expedited production, one-off’s (single quantities) and mass production.

Is there a detailed GSA price list available?

Yes! View our GSA price list (PDF)