Active Deterrence SmartSense IP Cameras

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Our newest introductions to the Vigilant lineup include these powerful IP cameras with SmartSense analytics and high-powered white light LEDs and siren as an active deterrence. Strobes can be set on motion events or the LEDs can be scheduled to activate on a schedule.

Vigilant SmartSense Setup Video

This six minute video gives you the knowledge to easily setup and manage your SmartSense cameras. Our product team shows you how to setup line crossing and intrusion detection event triggers for human and vehicles.

Key Features and Benefits of Active Deterrent Cameras

Advanced Analytics with Strobe and Audible Alarm

SmartSense analytics deliver AI powered event detection for vehicle and human detection that can activate the built-in white light strobes and a high decibel alarm when triggered.

  • White light LEDs help illuminate the FOV to capture color video 24/7
  • LEDs can be set to strobe to deter criminals
  • Built-in Analytics for Human and Vehicle Detection
  • Built-in Mic/Speaker

Full Frame Illumination with Smart IR

Smart full-frame illumination technology offers several advantages over standard IR for flawless night vision.

  • Clearer, brighter images in low light and at night
  • Delivers a wider illumination spread
  • Unique rectangular IR LED design produces a uniformly illuminated image across the entire screen
  • Reduces overexposure at the center of the image and eliminates hot spots
  • Eliminates blooming from lights by reducing ambient light pollution
  • Reduces video noise for a clearer nighttime picture, and reduces bandwidth consumption and video storage requirements

Prevent unauthorized access to specific areas of your property.

Bright white strobe lights flash rapidly when an alert goes off. And the high-decibel siren speaker warns intruders they are in an off-limits area.