NDAA Compliant License Plate Recognition Cameras

NDAA Starlight One-Click IP67 Weather Rated Enclosure Wide Dynamic Range 3D Digital Noise Reduction IK10 rated vandalproof housing

The Alibi Vigilant License Plate Recognition cameras are perfect for home owners associations, parking lots, entrance/exit gates, multi-family housing and much more. These cameras include powerful features and functionality in an NDAA compliant design - perfect for a wide range of applications and installations.

Key Features and Benefits of LPR Cameras

Advanced Network Security Features

Robust networking and network safety protocols prevent footage loss and access by unauthorized users.

  • Network auto-adaptability ensures fluent live video in relatively bad network conditions such as packet loss.
  • Supports SNMP.
  • Supports UNP for NAT traversal between public and private networks.
  • Supports integration by the third party via SDK or HTTP.
  • Supports authorized user access by password.
  • Supports HTTPS.
  • RTSP Authentication prevents unauthorized video stream requests.
  • IP address filtering prevents illegal access from untrusted IP addresses.
  • Gateway ARP protection prevents MAC address spoofing.

Full Frame Illumination with Smart IR

Smart full-frame illumination technology offers several advantages over standard IR for flawless night vision.

  • Clearer, brighter images in low light and at night
  • Delivers a wider illumination spread
  • Unique rectangular IR LED design produces a uniformly illuminated image across the entire screen
  • Reduces overexposure at the center of the image and eliminates hot spots
  • Eliminates blooming from lights by reducing ambient light pollution
  • Reduces video noise for a clearer nighttime picture, and reduces bandwidth consumption and video storage requirements

Install a LPR security camera at entry/exit points,
or anywhere you need to monitor suspicious activity.

Optimized to capture high-definition images of moving license plates that can be provided to law enforcement to quickly identify suspects