What our Dealers say about us

I’ve literally stayed on the phone with these guys for 2 hours and they stay right there with you; it’s not like “oh why don’t you hang up and call me back”, it’s “no, we’re right here” and I like that.
- Fred B; Burch Satellite Solutions

We never had training on camera systems before, we just buy the DVR’s and the cameras and install them on the fly and hope for the best. This is considerably different, and we’re very happy with the training.
- Gary B.; Spectrum Telecom

The Dealer Program doesn’t compare to any others in my opinion. No one else is out there actively searching out clients for me. I don’t get regular updates from my other distributors with regards to new products, new pricing; I don’t have an inside contact of someone I can just call and get design help with or if I have an issue, get resolution to it. As far as what it’s done for my company, with the amount of referrals and activity in sales and marketing directly due to the Dealer Program, it is at certain times been at least 50% of my sales, which is huge.
- Dominic M.; Net Solutions

The pricing is good; I feel like I’m not going to look anywhere else for equipment. Once we certify with it, the pricing is decent; if my customers compare pricing with other systems, they’re going to realize they are getting the best price.
- Randy P.; Dataspace IT Consulting

We have a lot of clients that aren’t necessarily up to date with tech; they don’t know how to use their smartphones, they don’t text, anything like that, and they don’t have a problem working the Alibi Systems. They’re very user friendly, very easy to navigate, and that’s been one of our biggest selling points is: you don’t have to know technology to know your system and to be able to have your home or your business secure.
- Stephany P.; Sample Security & Investigation

Once we got hooked up with a Sales rep, the level of support and confidence in knowledge of the product and prompt call return—all of that’s what intrigued us to go, these guys have our stuff together; we want to work with them.
- Marty F.; US Communications

The training was very intense and very good. We learned so much and we’ve got all these notes that we can take home with us to go back over and all the resources that we can still have. You can call anybody here, we’ve got the YouTube stuff…downloadable flyers that I can hand to clients and explain, comparing products to other people’s, comparing our products within the line so that they can make an informed decision…It’s been really, really helpful and just what we needed to move forward with our business.
- Kimberly R.; Palmetto Camera Products

The folks you have, you can tell they‘re more experienced, they know more about the products, and they know more about the systems that they’re selling.
- Philip H.; Hanna’s Enterprises

We love your products and have used a number of your camera package systems over the last year and enjoy the ease and quality of the systems. The Alibi IP cameras seem to be of exceptional clarity and all of our customers have been extremely happy with them so far and complimented the smart phone app in many ways. Keep up the great work on those type features, you are on the right track.
- Dan G.; Northeast Electric

You are one of the few companies that not only back-up your products, but work with customers to make sure we are ordering the right product for our needs.
- Henrika H.; Ricky Hinrichs, Inc.

The products and services offered are of the best quality. Your tech support is very helpful and knowledgeable of all products.
- Jaime L.; Schrock Electric

Tech Support answers emails and phone calls promptly and they are knowledgeable and helpful on every question I have asked. Sales Staff are also knowledgeable on CCTV and know the products and follow up on any questions or comments.
- Gordon F.; Fischer Communications