Alibi Vigilant Cameras and Recorders

Performance, NDAA Compliance and Even Lower Prices

Our Dealer Partners Love Alibi Vigilant Gear

Vigilant gear delivers high performance solutions for security pros with ultra-high resolution, feature-rich cameras, scalable recorders for any sized project, powerful analytics and a super-intuitive interface that makes it easy to install and manage

Art Optics

Glass lens caps produce clearer, more vivid video. Advanced chipsets, like Starlight, product better video - even in low light.

Art Optics
Easy to setup

Easy Setup

Dealers love how easy it is to install Vigilant gear! Setup and start managing a system in under 10 minutes. The powerful mobile app allows you and your users to manage everything - even firmware updates.

Powerful Built-in

Human detection is built into nearly every Vigilant camera. Vigilant delivers a full suite of analytics for all your customer’s needs.

High Performance

High Performance +
Aggressive Prices

Win more business by extending LOWER PRICES… OR sell for the same to customers and INCREASE YOUR MARGINS

The Alibi Vigilant line is designed to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Deliver the performance your customers want, with easier installs and better margin potential!

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Vigilant In Action

4MP Vigilant Video Demo

8MP Vigilant Video Demo

Texas Snowpocalypse Captured by Vigilant Camera

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