Continuing Education

Continuing Education - When you're in the technology business, the learning never ends.

When you're in the
technology business, the
learning never ends

Continuing Your Education

Being successful in the security industry involves keeping up with innovations and ever-changing technology. To help you stay on top of your game, we’ve designed a training course that immerses you in the latest security technologies, and helps you grow your business with our Partner-only products, U.S.-based dedicated sales and technical support, and unmatched marketing and lead generation services.

Alibi Security LIVE Webinars


Introduction to Alibi Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Join us for the launch of our latest Cloud-based security solution - Alibi Hybrid Cloud. This new solution gives you the ability to add cloud backup to any Witness or Vigilant on-premise system. Activate Alibi Hybrid Cloud and setup human and/or vehicle detection motion events for recording to the cloud for up to six months. Now your customers never have to worry about losing valuable evidence because of hardware failure.

PLUS - every camera activated to the cloud becomes an AI-powered 'smart camera' featuring the most powerful video analytics available today, reducing false alarms by up to 95%.

And Alibi Hybrid Cloud solution comes with built-in health monitoring. Once the service is activated you will be able to proactively notify them of hardware failure or lack of recording so they avoid downtime on their traditional system.

BONUS - every Alibi Hybrid Cloud subscription generates RMR for your business. It's the perfect upsell opportunity with traditional on-premise solutions.

Join us for this launch event and learn how Alibi Hybrid Cloud can benefit your customers and your bottom line.

Thursday, October 28th


Alibi Certified Partner Training Registration


Alibi Security offers virtual training session to help you get started in or sharpen your video security technical skills. The training immerses you in the essentials to start or grow your business. You’ll work with our sales and technical teams to understand the latest Alibi gear and how they stack up against other solutions in the marketplace, helping you gain the knowledge you need to win more business and deliver quality security solutions to your customers.

Future dates to come...


CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: Alibi Certified Partners with businesses in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina and Tennessee qualify for up to 22 hours of continuing education.