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Alibi Cloud VS

Alibi Cloud VS is a simple, powerful, and cost-effective camera-to-cloud video surveillance solution. All Alibi Cloud VS solutions allow you to store, view and manage your video footage on our computer or smart device, and generate push notifications and emails in the event of object, motion, sound, or heat detection by any camera in your cloud-based security system.

Key features include:

  • Manage and view any number of cameras, from a single site or multi-location installation, on a single user-friendly interface
  • Watch live streaming video captured by your camera(s)
  • View recorded footage stored on cyber-secure, cloud-based servers
  • Receive push notifications via SMS or email when your camera detects objects, motion, sound or heat
  • Manage camera settings, POV, focus and zoom (Dependent upon camera features)
  • Quickly export video footage to your computer, and video snapshots to your smart device

Mobile Applications

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