The Standard for
Cloud Access Control

Millions of users worldwide trust Brivo

The original cloud-based access control solution

Simplified Visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of your business from any device, anywhere to improve visibility and incident response time

Easy Reporting

Turn insights into data-driven decisions with Brivo Access intelligence and activity analysis

Open Integrations

Select the right technology package that integrates with your existing hardware and grows  as your needs change

Access Control Solutions for Virtually ANY Application

Small and Single-site Facilities

Access control is for everyone—protect your people, property and reputation with best-in-class solutions

Growing mid-market multi-site companies

Grow your business with a partner who leads in the industry and integrates with the system you already use

Large Enterprises

Solve your complex challenges and make better decisions with a solution designed for your scale

Multifamily Residential

Deliver smart and secure amenities that increase property efficiency as well as attract and retain top residents

Access Control + Video

Pair Cloud-based Access and Remote Video for Unified Security Management

Access real-time facility views securely stored in the cloud, accessible remotely

Enhance Security with Access Control and Video Surveillance

Brivo offers unified security, enabling remote facility monitoring to safeguard your buildings and people.

Single Source

View video clips with access control events to provide a comprehensive view.

Streaming Freedom

Play recorded video or access live streams from anywhere you are.

Secure Cloud Storage

Safeguard your videos in the cloud to prevent loss and ensure accessibility.

Universal Access

Easily view video feeds from any site, space, or location, tailored toyour needs. Customize retention policies from 7 days to 2 years.

One Platform, Limitless Solutions

The Brivo access control solution integrates with top providers across every area of business with a large selection of access control AP integration partners.

Mobile Credentials
including Brivo Wallet Pass

Replace Your Keys, Cards, and Fobs with Your Phone

Mobile credentials unlock new possibilities for residents, tenants, employees, customers, and more

Brivo Wallet Pass includes Employee Badge in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

With your employee badge , you can enter and leave your office without your physical keys. That’s one less thing to carry, and better way to open doors.

Mobile credentials are compatible with Brivo Smart Readers and a variety of smart locks and devices.

Why Brivo?

Brivo is the global leader in cloud-based access control and smart space technology company. Our open platform, powered by Ai does it all.

Brivo was access control built in the cloud before cloud security was cool... and we have led ever since. Our platform allows customers:

  • Flexibility and choice in how they move to the cloud.
  • Connect whatever, whenever, device or software to enhance security
  • View video, access and more in one place
  • Allow the right people to do the right things at the right time, without friction
  • And you do it all in Brivo.

Brivo + Alibi Security:
Better Together

Brivo and Alibi Security have partnered to help support and grow Brivo Reseller Partners. Together, we have designed a program called Brivo Accelerate.

Brivo Accelerate offers Brivo Dealers complete access to Brivo solutions and support, and provides additional sales and marketing resources to help accelerate growth of cloud access control in your local markets.


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