MAP policy

Alibi Security MAP Policy

Date: August 14th, 2015

Alibi Security is pleased to introduce its Minimum Advertised Price (hereinafter “MAP”) Policy. The MAP Policy applies to certain products (hereinafter “Map Products,” defied below) for purchase by authorized resellers (hereinafter “Resellers,” defied below) for resale.

We are committed to protecting our Authorized Dealer Partners, and their significant investments to properly train their product technicians, effectively deploy Alibi Security solutions, and deliver the best possible customer experience.

As such, we have instituted a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy. Our MAP policy is intended to insure that the promotion of SC Technology solutions accurately depicts product value and capabilities, and to inspire Authorized Dealers to invest in the responsible distribution and installation of the products we support. Our Minimum Advertised Price policy also enables us to provide our Authorized Dealers with marketing support, priority pre- and post-sale support, sufficient inventory, warranty support, and up-to-date knowledge and training.

Only Authorized Dealers who maintain these standards qualify for this comprehensive, direct support from Alibi Security. Alibi Security products sold outside the MAP policy boundaries will not be entitled to the many advantages and assurances that come with purchasing our solutions through an Authorized Dealer.

Alibi Security does not ask for, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance or agreement from its Resellers relating to any aspect of the MAP Policy. Nothing in the MAP Policy is intended to be, or shall be construed as, an agreement as to the minimum prices at which a Reseller will advertise or sell MAP Products. Resellers must determine, using their sole discretion, the price at which they will sell Alibi Security products. The MAP Policy applies only to advertised prices as specified in this and related documents.

All questions, comments, or other communications regarding this MAP Policy must be sent to [email protected]. Please understand that no other Alibi Security representatives or agents are authorized to discuss the MAP Policy. We look forward to your continued support and promotional efforts on behalf of Alibi Security products.

* Alibi Security reserves the right to change or cancel this policy at any time.

Download our Map policy(PDF)