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Continuing Education

Continuing Education - When you're in the technology business, the learning never ends.

When you're in the
technology business, the
learning never ends

Continuing Your Education

Being successful in the security industry involves keeping up with innovations and ever-changing technology. To help you stay on top of your game, we’ve designed a training course that immerses you in the latest security technologies, and helps you grow your business with our Partner-only products, U.S.-based dedicated sales and technical support, and unmatched marketing and lead generation services.

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Alibi Cloud VS Industry Success – Retail / Restaurants

Retailers and restaurants face tough challenges – high turnover, fraud/theft and liability concerns. Alibi Cloud VS is gaining traction in these complex environments due to its ease of use and reliability in helping business owners protect their staff, customers and property.

Retailers must maintain PCI compliance standards to protect customer data and credit card information on their network. Alibi Cloud VS checks this box and does not require any inbound firewall which maintains the integrity of the network. End-to-end video encryption plus continuous updating of virus and cybersecurity firmware mean your customers always have the latest protection.

Adding locations or scaling up storage based on operational needs is simple with Alibi Cloud VS. Customers rave about the simplicity of adding cameras and the ability to view all locations in one dashboard, with the ability to customize views by location, by store area, by region, and more. And Alibi Cloud VS makes it easy to add or delete users in the high turnover world of retail.

Make retail a big part of your growth with Alibi Cloud VS.

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For a limited time, infinias certifications are free of charge. That’s right, get your techs ramped up on the latest offerings from the company that invented IP-based access control.

Diversify your product line-up today and take advantage of these FREE certification courses through May 31st.


USE PROMO CODE: 3xEMPOWER when registering for infinias Certification


There's a reason why infinias access control solutions have been trusted for years. Whether leveraging cloud or server-based options, 3xLOGIC provides cost-effective security solutions that are easy to manage, simple to install, and scale with your changing needs.

VIGIL Certification The VIGIL Video Management System is a fully-integrated hardware and software solution that makes video security even more powerful. And now VIGIL is offered with VIGIL CLOUD to take advantage of the key benefits of cloud, making system configuration and management easy from anywhere in the world.

Alibi Certified Partner Training Registration


Alibi Security offers virtual training session to help you get started in or sharpen your video security technical skills. The training immerses you in the essentials to start or grow your business. You’ll work with our sales and technical teams to understand the latest Alibi gear and how they stack up against other solutions in the marketplace, helping you gain the knowledge you need to win more business and deliver quality security solutions to your customers.

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CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: Alibi Certified Partners with businesses in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina and Tennessee qualify for up to 22 hours of continuing education.