Powerful Video Analytics

Get more from your video security systems with these powerful video analytics available with Alibi Hybrid Cloud. They can help you save disk space, send intelligent alerts, provide email notifications and more.

Motor Vehicle/Non-motor Vehicle Detection

Get alerts and notifications when motor vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) or non-motor vehicles (bikes, etc.) enter the field of view.

Gun Detection

AI-driven technology is used to recognize firearms when they are brandished – BEFORE THEY ARE FIRED - providing notifications and real-time alerts.

Intrusion Detection

Create a pre-defined area in the field of view and get alerts when objects enter the designated area. Set criteria based on object type and time duration.

Object Left Behind

Pinpoint discarded or intentionally left behind objects in the field of view. Detect and act on abandoned packages or luggage in public places.

Loitering Detection

Detect suspicious behavior of moving persons or object(s) that remain in a predefined area for a specific amount of time.