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Prevent Loss in
Retail Stores and Chains

Internal theft and employee error cost retailers thousands of dollars per year. Enhance your loss prevention efforts with DIGIOP Carbon software.

Carbon combines data from POS devices with surveillance video to detect potential fraudulent activity. Instant verification with video evidence delivered via a simple, integrated interface allows you to efficiently identify and root out fraudulent activity from your store(s).

Retail Industry Challenges

Retail operators know that shoplifting erodes their profit margins, but internal theft is a much larger threat. DIGIOP Carbon software helps control loss by giving you the ability to:

Monitor cashiers
to identify
fraudulent activity

Identify fraudulent returns, verify exceptions for refunds, cash drawer opens, suspended transactions, and voids. Audit cashiers for total sales, transaction abnormalities, and suspicious behavior, and review cash handling procedures.

Identify shoplifters by
suspicious behavior

Prevent theft-related loss is to focus not on catching thieves, but on identifying possible thieves.

Track and compare
transactions across
all stores

Look for exceptions and abnormalities among individual stores. Keep a close eye on all payment processing - whether your stores are located in a single town or across the country.

The DIGIOP Solution

DIGIOP helps you take control of loss prevention and improve overall operations with customizable reports, searchable video evidence, real-time alerts, case file creation, shoplifter identification and promotional offer-tracking.

Catch Employee Theft
75% of employees steal from their employer at least once – and if no one catches them, they’re likely to do it again.
Curb Excessive Discounts
Many quick service restaurants offer meal discounts as a perk of employment, but some employees use their discounts inappropriately, giving discounted or free food to family and friends.
Eliminate Sweethearting
When an employee gives unauthorized discounts or free items to a customer, that customer is usually someone they know. This common form of theft is called sweethearting, and it accounts for about $60 billion in retail shrinkage annually.
Evaluate POS Exceptions
How do you get the insights you need from your POS system? You decide which types of transactions you want to evaluate, and you get software that does most of that work for you.
Detect Shoplifting
United States retailers lose as much as $50 billion each year due to shoplifting.
Analyze Cash Refunds
About 5% of total returns are fraudulent, and consistently applied company policies are the best defense - as long as you know they are happening.

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