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Alibi Product Integrations

Your business operates in an integrated world and Alibi Security is proud to integrate with industry-leading solutions. Our product engineers are constantly searching for integrations that will directly benefit our dealer partners, giving you the ability to deliver solutions for a wide range of customer needs. Alibi products are integrated with the following solutions:


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Exacq VMS

Vigilant cameras integrate seamlessly with Exacq video management software (VMS), delivering high resolution video with powerful analytics. If you use Exacq solutions and want cost-effective, powerful video cameras solutions that deliver high-performance chipsets, cutting-edge optics and robust analytics, choose Alibi Vigilant cameras for your next install. The Alibi Vigilant product line offers a complete assortment of traditional form factors and specialty cameras to meet any customer project.



Vigilant recorders are now officially on the integration list for Immix Central Monitoring Solutions. Immix delivers industry-leading software that helps companies provide comprehensive monitoring services and now Alibi Vigilant recorders and systems can be seamlessly brought into these solutions delivering powerful capabilities to help protect the most complex organizations.

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