Analytic Business Intelligence and Loss Prevention

DIGIOP CARBON combines video surveillance and POS data giving retailers unprecedented insights into their business. Now you can provide retailers with a solution that makes reporting and analytics easy and quickly identifies opportunities to increase profitability.

Combining Cutting-Edge Business Intelligence
with Video to Make Retailers More Effective

CARBON integrates video surveillance with retail POS data giving your customers the ability to significantly reduce the amount of time they spend analyzing data and looking for relevant insights. Customers are able to look at key performance metrics such as:

  • Exception reporting (fraudulent activity)
  • Cashier performance
  • Promotions performance
  • Merchandising opportunities
  • Training opportunities
  • Upsell/cross-sell effectiveness
  • ...and many more!

Each KPI has corresponding video clips that help retailers understand what is happening behind the data. This helps your customers build more relevant reporting, and identify opportunities for increased profitability and performance.

Reviews: Quickly see what's happening in your business

Filter out the noise – CARBON creates an automated review list with every transaction you need to see.

Reduce review time – managers can review their daily exception report in as little as 8 minutes.

Real-Time Alerts: Analyze questionable transactions the moment they occur

Receive immediate alerts for specific types of transactions, and review the corresponding footage.

Identify potential theft as it occurs, and zoom-in on the register to see important details.

Custom Reports: Get actionable business intelligence

Create and save customized reports at the division, store, or employee level.

Set trendlines and be notified of outliers.

Dashboard: Quickly see critical data in your business

Customize your CARBON dashboard with only the most critical reports and information you need.

Pre-set reports and set notifications for specific transactions or events.

Case Management: Document and organize critical loss prevention and legal cases

Use customized templates to quickly build, store, and share cases with your team.

Conveniently upload images, videos, and documents.

Organized Crime: Identify and track organized criminals targeting your business

Map incidents in order of occurrence and identify patterns.

Upload and share subject and vehicle information to proactively alert your organization.

Alarm Dashboard: Get total visibility into the alarm events in your organization

Track and manage alarm events at the Division, District, or Store level.

Drill down and verify alarm events with video evidence.

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The Perfect Pair: Get the Most Functionality out of CARBON When You Pair it with DIGIOP ELEMENTS and DIGIOP Hardware

Powerful, Centralized Video Security Management

The CARBON solution sits on top of ELEMENTS, a powerful VMS that delivers the following features:

  • ntegrates analog, HD analog, or IP cameras from any location
  • Supports an unlimited number of locations
  • Easy to access footage via desktop or mobile devices
  • Centralized management with a retailer-centric approach to video management
  • Cloud backup for critical data
  • System health monitoring proactively warns of critical system failures


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