Cloud backup for
traditional security systems

  • + AI-powered Analytics Reduce False Alarms by 95%
  • + Built-in System Health Monitoring
  • + No additional hardware required

Alibi Hybrid Cloud

Powerful Cloud Solutions for On-premise System

Alibi Hybrid Cloud gives you the ability to offer your customers cloud-based video storage and powerful-AI based analytics with their traditional on-premise security system.

Key Benefits of Alibi Hybrid Cloud:

Key Benefits Key Benefits Key Benefits Key Benefits Key Benefits
Logical upsell with any Witness or Vigilant DVR or NVR installation. Up to three months cloud storage for designated cameras. No additional hardware required to turn existing cameras into smart cameras. AI-based analytics engine significantly reduces false alarms by 95%. Generate RMR from each camera subscription.

Traditional On-premise +
Cloud Storage =
Unbeatable Security

Your customers can choose which cameras get activated to the cloud, ensuring off-premise, long-term retention for critical video and events.

Alibi Hybrid Cloud requires NO ADDITIONAL HARDWARE and is simple to set up, easy to use, and gives your customers peace of mind that footage will be there when they need it.

Capture Important
Events in the Cloud

With Alibi Hybrid Cloud, you simply activate select cameras to the cloud and cloud-based storage and retention is setup. Event-based video gets sent to the cloud and is retained for three months, so your customer has access to important triggered events even if their traditional system goes down for any reason or is stolen.

Powerful, Accurate
Real-Time AI

Artificial Intelligence powers the analytics engine that reduces false alarms by more than 95%. When you activate cameras on Alibi Hybrid Cloud, your customers get the most advance AI-powered analytics to ensure their most critical areas are protected.

Built-in Health

Additionally, Alibi Cloud Hybrid comes with built-in system health monitoring capabilities for recorders and cameras. Now you, and your customers, can be alerted if a critical component of your security solution is not working properly or is completely offline.

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Powerful Cloud Solutions for On-premise System

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