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Success Stories

  1. Iron County Medical Center - Multi-User, Single-Location | Healthcare Industry, HIPAA Compliance Success Story

    The Client Iron County (IC) is a full-service medical center offering full-suite patient care, including radiology, physical and respiratory therapy, along with an on-site operating room, ER, and laboratory. The Challenge Because their one location was growing in terms of staff and service offerings, they knew they needed a video su...

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  2. The UPS Store Multi Location | Franchise | Retail Industry Success Story

    The Client Three years ago, a group of retail owners bought a UPS store in Florence, Kentucky. Their franchise business quickly took off, allowing them to purchase a second location in Cresent Springs. The Challenge Although their business was booming, transitioning to a multi-location business presented new and uncharted security c...

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  3. Ace Hardware Success Story

    Ace Hardware is one of the largest retailers in the country, with more than 5,500 locations throughout the United States. They specialize in providing localized products and knowledge to help customers with all of their hardware and home improvement needs. A privately-owned 13-store Ace chain in the mid-west, ranging from Wisconsi...

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  4. Residential System Success Story

    Five years ago, Ronald, a police officer in West Virginia, purchased a surveillance system for his home. Working overtime so often motivated him to buy an on-premise security system that would give him the ability to view live footage of his property and pets even while he was at work. While his on-premise security system provided the...

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  5. Kalamazoo Covenant Academy Success Story

    Kalamazoo Covenant Academy KCA had several specific security challenges they need to overcome to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and visitors. KCA now benefits from a fully protected school. When a student fight breaks out or school property is tampered with, intrusion detection technology immediately notifi...

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  6. Roots Rx Success Story

    Roots RX is a multi-location cannabis dispensary located in Western Colorado. They provide high-quality cannabis products, a knowledgable staff, and superior customer service. Covering six locations between Denver and Aspen, they pride themselves on offering the lowest prices on cannabis in Colorado. With strict state compliance guide...

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  7. Outwest Drywall Supply Success Story

    For Outwest Supply, implementing a security system was never top of mind. Caden, Store Manager for their Eagle, Colorado location, said: "It wasn't until one of our top competitors got broken into that we started to consider it seriously." That break-in cost their competitor over $10,000 in stolen equipment and inventory. "We knew we n...

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  8. Alibi Security Improves High School Campus Security with a Cloud-based Video Surveillance System

    Hyde Park High School’s new security initiative required them to upgrade their existing surveillance system with modern technology and greater coverage. Partnering with Alibi Security provided the school with a hybrid cloud-based system, giving them more flexibility, storage, and cost savings than ever before. For more informati...

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  9. Mattison Avenue Multi-Location Franchise - Multi-User Management Success Story

    Like many multi-location franchises, Mattison Avenue's biggest challenges involve managing their high salon traffic and turnover. With so many customers, leasees, and deliveries coming and going, the owners require remote viewing to keep tabs on all locations from a centralized interface. When a shipment arrives or a service techn...

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  10. White Barn Multi-Location - Retail Industry Success Story

    With so many guests coming and going, their high-traffic "hot spots" were causing security and safety risks: Kitchen: hot dishes, busy kitchen staff, and wet floors are a dangerous combination - just one slip-and-fall accident can lead to an expensive lawsuit. Lilypond: this unique amenity is one of White Barn's biggest perks - but...

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