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Thermal Body Temperature Detection Solutions

THRM-213 FAQs:

Does the customer have to touch the unit with their wrist to get a reading?
No the person getting scanned does not touch the unit. The sensor detects temperature from .39 – 1.18 inches away.
How do cold, ultra-hot and humid climates impact the performance of the unit?
The unit is to be used indoors without direct exposure to the elements and should not be placed in direct sunlight. If customers come in from outside, especially extreme heat (think Arizona) then the person should acclimate for 10-15 minute to indoor conditions before getting scanned.
Are the detection temperature ranges preset or can they be customized/changed?
You can customize the detection thresholds that cause the unit to throw an ‘abnormal’ temperature warning.
Is the THRM-213-NS accessible via a web interface/client?
Yes. The unit has a single web interface that can be reached via web browser and allows you to make setting changes or manage images and profiles.
Which web browser should be used to connect to the web interface/client?
Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome can be used to access the unit. IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure you are using the most up to date version of the brower and you need to enable plug-ins before accessing the unit. When accessing the unit a plugin pop-up will appear and you want to ALLOW the plugin to download for first-time and future use.
Can the mask detection feature be turned off?
Yes, this detection feature can be turned off.
If this unit is used in a medical environment are there any HIPAA concerns?
This is a self-contained unit and does not need to be connected to a network. Nor is it storing any personal information for patients located in the facility. So HIPAA is not a concern.
What is the storage capacity for facial recognition images?
The unit will detect and store up to 10,000 facial images/records. Once you reach that maximum it will store a new image and delete the oldest record.
Are you able to pre-load employee or approved visitor photos so it will only let in those that are in the database?
Yes. You can load a pre-approved access list into the unit. It will analyze the face and give ‘access denied’ alarms if person scanned is not in the database.
What access control solutions does this system work with?
None at this time. The unit supports Door Lock and Exit feature only. No management or scheduling capabilities come with the unit.
What is the recommended distance between the thermal camera and the persons being detected?
8-11 feet
Can this unit be integrated into Alibi NVRs?
Yes. It can integrate into Alibi NVRs through ONVIF protocol and will need to be manually added.
How close to the entry of a building can you be to get an accurate temperature reading?
You will want to position the system 10-15’ away from the entryway to prevent the outside environment from interfering with the performance of the unit and to allow persons body temps to acclimate to the indoors. Keep away from glass windows and AC vents.
Can you run this unit on any video recorder?
No. This system currently runs on a PC that has specific performance requirements and processes/retains the optical and thermal images. You can record the video via ONVIF protocol.
Does the system allow you to send alerts and notifications in a variety of ways when someone is detected with an abnormal temp?
This solution is really meant to be a monitored solution and if a person with a temperature is detected a person monitoring the screening would immediately be alerted and the person pulled aside for further evaluation. It will provide a visual red box when fever is detected and an audible alarm from the PC speaker.
Why does this unit need the BlackBody to operate?
The BlackBody unit acts as a temperature calibrator and known temperature reference point so it is easier for the thermal camera to assess fine temperature distinctions in the surrounding field of view. The BlackBody makes this unit accurate within .1 degree. Most other units not using a BlackBody will be off by 1-3 degrees.