Alibi Pro Series Video Security Products

Sold by Professionals. Installed by Professionals.

Alibi has become the brand of choice for our Dealer Partners and their customers. Why? This high performance product line delivers professional HD-TVI and IP video surveillance solutions – all using a common, intuitive user interface. Alibi products offer exceptional image quality and an extremely robust feature set, and are simple to install, operate and maintain. All at a price point that provides exceptional value.

Available Through Professional Security Dealers

The Alibi product line is available only through professional security dealers. When we receive inquiries from end-users for Alibi products, we refer them to our local Dealer Partners for installation and other service needs.


The Latest Technology

Staying ahead of the technology curve…

Creating high-performing security products is a technology-driven endeavor. We are continually looking at “next” – often before the marketplace knows what “next” is. All Alibi products feature the latest advances in security technology – offering higher performance and enhanced flexibility, at a desirable price point. Regardless of your application, technology preference, or budget, Alibi’s HD-TVI and IP solutions deliver unparalleled value.

Cutting-Edge Components

Cutting-Edge Components

Alibi cameras are engineered with premium components to deliver exceptional performance, quality, and durability. High-quality lenses, the latest image sensors, long-life IR LEDs, advanced heat dissipation, extreme temperature ratings, and rugged housings with pro-seals ensure that when you install Alibi, you’re installing the best.

High-Resolution Recording

High-Resolution Recording

Alibi recorders are engineered to reproduce the crystal clear images captured by Alibi cameras, without limitation. The Alibi line offers recording resolutions up to 1080p (HD-TVI), and 8.0 MP (IP). All Alibi recorders use surveillance-optimized WD Purple hard drives, designed to run cooler and last longer for applications requiring continuous operation.

Exceptional Image Quality

Exceptional Image Quality

Image quality is a function of components and engineering, and is far more complex than a simple resolution rating. Alibi cameras currently deliver up to 3.0 MP (HD Analog), and 8.0 MP (IP). However, our cameras’ image quality consistently equals or out-performs competitive cameras with like resolutions - often at a fraction of the cost. Don’t just take our word for it – call us for a live online demo and see for yourself!

HD-TVI Technology

HD-TVI Technology

HD-TVI delivers significant advantages over other HD analog formats. HD-TVI is capable of supporting longer cable runs – up to 1600’ on RG59, and up to 650’ on CAT5 – and transmits video with zero latency! HD-TVI delivers up to 3.0 megapixel images, at significantly lower cost than comparable IP technology, and is as simple as analog to install and operate.


Designed for Simplicity

Because security can be simple… without compromising on performance

We believe that technology choice should be determined by application and budget requirements – not limited by your technology experience or concerns about installation complexity. All Alibi solutions are designed to deliver a simple experience, from installation to operation. Even Alibi IP solutions are virtually plug-and-play, featuring integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE), IP camera auto-discovery and auto-configuration.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

Alibi recorders feature pre-installed video management software that runs on a stable Linux-embedded operating system. The Alibi VMS is intuitive, easy to use, and offers powerful features, including:

  • Intelligent recording
  • Local and remote viewing
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Calendar, timeline & event search
  • Smart search
  • Instant playback
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Central Management Software

Central Management Software

Alibi Central Management Software (CMS) is a professional monitoring platform that enables you or your customers to centrally manage multiple devices, at multiple locations, from a single interface.

This user-friendly software application is loaded with powerful features to enhance the management and viewing experience, including drag-and-drop system and camera selection, customizable displays, device grouping, alarms and notifications, remote system management, and much more.

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Full-Featured Mobile App

Full-Featured Mobile App

Unlike many other video surveillance mobile apps, Alibi Witness 2.0 delivers central management system (CMS) level functionality – allowing you or your customers to access multiple systems at once, mix-and-match cameras from multiple locations, customize and store multiple views.

Watch live and recorded video with audio, download snapshots, offload video directly to a mobile device, and much more.

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Customer-Driven Designs

Customer-Driven Designs

Alibi’s intelligent product designs reflect the input of our Dealer Partners and end users – from our gangbox mountable cameras, to our simple cable management brackets.

Alibi product performance and usability continues to be highly influenced by the direct feedback we receive every day

Plug-and- Play IP

Plug-and-Play IP

Many Alibi recorders feature an integrated PoE switch – to deliver a virtually plug-and-play IP solution. Simply connect your Alibi IP camera to a network port on your Alibi recorder and you’re done!

The embedded software will auto-discover and auto-configure your camera – saving you time and hassle.



Peace of mind today - without being penalized tomorrow

Alibi solutions are designed to scale easily as your customers’ surveillance capabilities, security needs, or budgets grow. All IP channels come pre-licensed and fully enabled, so you can simply add a camera in the future without incurring additional fees. And Alibi’s common user interface and mobile applications allow you to update technology without disrupting usability.

Common User Interface

All Alibi recorders feature common management software, minimizing both the cost and learning curve in switching between analog, HD-TVI and IP technologies.

Common Mobile App

Alibi Witness 2 (for iOS and Android) supports all Alibi recording devices – analog, HD-TVI and IP – and lets you or your customers access multiple systems at once, regardless of technology platform.

Flexible I/O

Alibi HD-TVI recorders feature Hybrid+ technology that supports HD-TVI, analog, and Alibi IP cameras. This enables an existing system to be migrated easily from analog to HD, or for a hybrid analog/HD solution to be installed. HD-TVI recorders also support a limited number of Alibi IP cameras.

Scalable IP

Many Alibi recorders support up to 64 IP channels and offer up to 128TB of internal storage, to provide a scalable solution for most single-site installations. All channels are pre-licensed and fully-enabled, with no recurring fees. Simply add IP cameras to the system as your customer’s security needs grow – without incurring additional expense

No Licensing Fees

There are no fees associated with adding cameras – use as many channels as you want! All channels are pre-licensed and fully-enabled. Simply plug in your cameras – now or anytime in the future – and you’ve got video!