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alibi cloud vs retail

  1. Mattison Avenue Multi-Location Franchise - Multi-User Management Success Story

    Like many multi-location franchises, Mattison Avenue's biggest challenges involve managing their high salon traffic and turnover. With so many customers, leasees, and deliveries coming and going, the owners require remote viewing to keep tabs on all locations from a centralized interface. When a shipment arrives or a service techn...

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  2. White Barn Multi-Location - Retail Industry Success Story

    With so many guests coming and going, their high-traffic "hot spots" were causing security and safety risks: Kitchen: hot dishes, busy kitchen staff, and wet floors are a dangerous combination - just one slip-and-fall accident can lead to an expensive lawsuit. Lilypond: this unique amenity is one of White Barn's biggest perks - but...

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  3. Lebanon Church Shops Single Location - Property Management - Retail Industry Success Story

    With the increase in customer traffic, came several security issues: Expensive settlements. Customers claiming they injured themselves on mall property were costing the property owners tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Without a surveillance system to document the incident and legitimately disprove their claim, they were f...

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  4. Fullgraf Chimney & Tower, Inc. Success Story

    Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower, Inc. specializes in the maintenance of electrical systems for tall structures and sky rises. With over 30 years of experience, they offer extensive knowledge and skill in custom installation lighting protection. Their high-quality work has resulted in steady growth over the years, taking their busin...

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  5. Store-All Storage Facilities Success Story

    Store-All provides high-quality storage solutions throughout the Charleston and Hurricane area of West Virginia. In the past several years, they've experienced steady growth and transitioned from a single location to a multi-site business. Although they had a security system in place, insufficient camera coverage and delayed alerts we...

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  6. Sights Sounds & Speed Success Story

    Because SS&S operates out of the owner's house, they're presented with some unique security challenges including a high number of employees, customers, and vehicles coming and going on the owner's personal property, and an unsupervised management office (often containing customer credit card information, and cash). The combination ...

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  7. DayGlo - Multi-User Retail Industry Success Story

    Like many multi-location retail businesses, DayGlo struggled to keep up with the demands and complexities of overseeing a high demand product across multiple locations on a national level: Acts of vandalism Inadequate camera coverage Since the camera-to-cloud install, DayGlo's company is protected and secure on a storewide and n...

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  8. Dream Salon & Spa - Multi-user Retail Success Story

    Like many small retail businesses, SD&S's most significant security challenges involved managing fast growth among high turnover. They needed an advanced security solution that would meet these three challenges: Out-of-pocket security costs Credential management Increased safety concerns and liability risks Since the c...

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  9. Outdoor Powersports - Multi-user Retail Success Story

    OPUSA was planning on expanding their dealership operations to accommodate additional inventory and services. Because OPUSA was previously the victim of multiple break-ins - resulting in stolen ATVs, motorcycles, and trailers - they wanted to ensure proper security coverage for any new expansion. Despite having an existing security sys...

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