Alibi Resources

  1. Iron County Medical Center - Multi-User, Single-Location | Healthcare Industry, HIPAA Compliance Success Story

    The Client Iron County (IC) is a full-service medical center offering full-suite patient care, including radiology, physical and respiratory therapy, along with an on-site operating room, ER, and laboratory. The Challenge Because their one location was growing in terms of staff and service offerings, they knew they needed a video su...

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  2. Caught on Camera

  3. Alibi Vigilant How to add Synology NAS to Alibi Vigilant

    Download this guide for step-by-step instruction for configuring and adding Synology NAS to Alibi Vigilant recorders. For more information download the Step-by-step guide to add Synology NAS to Alibi Vigilant.

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  4. Alibi Vigilant - Star4Live P2P Web Portal

    Star4Live is the cloud-based portal that enables cloud capabilities of the Alibi Vigilant line. When you setup a Star4Live account you are then able to activate P2P remote viewing services for your solution AND you can take advantage of one-click cloud firmware updating for cameras and recorders. Our Alibi Vigilant line of security cam...

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  5. Alibi Vigilant How-To YouTube Videos

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos including: Alibi Vigilant Star4Live Web Portal Alibi Vigilant Initial Setup Alibi Vigilant Live View Alibi Vigilant Playback Alibi Vigilant Backup Alibi Vigilant Storage Management Alibi Vigilant System Configuration Alibi Vigilant Camera Image Settings A...

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  6. Check Out Our YouTube Channel

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos including: Alibi Vigilant Channel How-to, Setup and Installation Videos Alibi Cloud VS - Camera-to-Cloud Academy Alibi Cloud VS - Camera-to-Cloud Webinar Series Caught on Camera Thermal Detection Solutions Alibi Cloud VS - Camera-to-Cloud FAQs Products - Fea...

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  7. How to check your Alibi Witness firmware version

    The firmware version that has been loaded on your recorder is noted on the large yellow sticker on the outside of your recorder box. You need to compare this version with the latest firmware available on-line by following these instructions. Download the Alibi Firmware Upgrade Instructions for detailed information. All available soft...

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  8. Alibi Vigilant Software and Manual Downloads

    Find the latest software and tools for Alibi Vigilant devices including firmware, release notes and installation manuals. Manuals for Alibi Vigilant IP Cameras and Recorders File Name File Size File Type Alibi Vigilant IP Camera Manual 6.20 MB PDF Alibi Vigilant NVR Manual 4.40 MB PDF CMS Software for ...

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  9. Alibi Vigilant Mobile App

    This app is compatible with Alibi Vigilant DVRs and NVRs, and IP cameras. iOS App Android App Download our Alibi Vigilant Mobile App User Guide for more information. More security tips For additional tips to protect your security device(s), go online: Is Your Recording Device Vulnerable To Network Security Threats...

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  10. Alibi Vigilant IP Camera Firmware

    Looking for firmware? Find the latest firmware downloads, release notes and firmware instructions for current and discontinued Alibi Vigilant IP cameras in the following table. IMPORTANT - Alibi Vigilant IP Camera Firmware Update: We have released a new version of firmware for Alibi Vigilant IP cameras that fixes the ability to r...

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