1. Alibi Vigilant Network Video Recorder Firmware

    Looking for firmware? Find the latest firmware downloads, release notes and firmware instructions for current and discontinued Alibi Vigilant Recorders in the following table. NVR-B3111 Firmware for the following Alibi Vigilant recorder models. ALI-NR320P-8 ALI-NR640P-16 Firmware Download Release Notes...

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  2. NVR REPAIR DATABASE ISSUE – Alibi Witness Network Recorders

    NVR REPAIR DATABASE ISSUE – Alibi Network Recorders PROBLEM: Database bug in firmware V4.1.50 that causes the hard drive(s) to go into a repairing state which results in loss of Playback during the repairing process and can slow down the performance of the recorder when this occurs. While we have located the root issue, we ha...

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