Industry Solutions

  1. The UPS Store Multi Location | Franchise | Retail Industry Success Story

    The Client Three years ago, a group of retail owners bought a UPS store in Florence, Kentucky. Their franchise business quickly took off, allowing them to purchase a second location in Cresent Springs. The Challenge Although their business was booming, transitioning to a multi-location business presented new and uncharted security c...

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  2. Cannabis Compliance: Video Surveillance Solutions for a More Secure Business

    This white paper explores cannabis industry video surveillance regulations, along with various video solutions that can help you meet those state-enforced compliance requirements. From CBD oil to cannabis beverages, the cannabis market is on fire—and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In 2017, North Amer...

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  3. Learn About Our Video Security System Components

    Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) Our DVRs feature the latest in H.264 compression technology – which allows you to record higher quality video using up to 75% less hard drive space than MPEG-4 or JPEG compressions, and delivers faster transmission speeds. All models are networkable for remote viewing and provide...

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  4. HighQ Multi-Location Retail - Cannabis Industry Success Story

    With High Q’s recent expansion came several operational challenges: Increased theft. With their expansion brought on an increase in customer theft. Although they had existing analog cameras in place, the resolution was too low to capture the identification of their shoplifters. Inconsistent quality control...

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  5. DIGIOP Retail Solutions

    DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ is a ground breaking Video-Enhanced Intelligence Platform that provides a single, user-friendly interface to the critical video and data intelligence you rely on to effectively manage your business.   Introduction  |  Industry Solutions  |  DIGIOP ELEME...

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  6. How to Buy an infinias IP-based Access Control Solution

    We make purchasing an infinias IP-based access control solution easy, with a few simple-to-follow steps. How to Purchase Determine the number of doors you need to monitor Select software or a server with pre-installed software Select a door kit for each door Choose readers and credentials 1. Determine Number of Doors Befor...

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