Ace Hardware is one of the largest retailers in the country, with more than 5,500 locations throughout the United States. They specialize in providing localized products and knowledge to help customers with all of their hardware and home improvement needs. A privately-owned 13-store Ace chain in the mid-west, ranging from Wisconsin to Illinois, inquired about finding a solution to help solve their loss prevention challenges.

Reviewing POS activity revealed that locations in Wisconsin and Illinois were victims of fraudulent cash refund activity at the registers, resulting in money stolen by both senior and junior employees. But the Ace owners had no easy way to monitor and identify when this activity was happening and if it was happening at other locations as well. Plowing through daily POS data for each location was time-consuming and took away from other duties including merchandising, training, customer service and more. The Ace owners need a way to quickly analyze all POS data to identify exceptions in a variety of areas that may be costing them profits.

After reviewing several possible loss prevention solutions, ownership decided on DIGIOP Carbon. The ability to view video surveillance footage tied to POS transaction combined with a powerful analytics engine that identifies exceptions was a winning combination. The solution integrated seamlessly with their POS solution and the addition of video cameras provide an extra layer of security and substantial proof for identify shrink – both internal and external – helping them verify activity and building case files.

This Ace owner installed systems in each of the 13 stores across the mid-west, paired with DIGIOP Carbon software to identify and mitigate shrink in their stores. With DIGIOP Carbon Loss Prevention, Ace now benefits from peace of mind regarding potential theft, whether it’s from employees or customers.

For more information download the Ace Hardware Success Story.

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