Because SS&S operates out of the owner's house, they're presented with some unique security challenges including a high number of employees, customers, and vehicles coming and going on the owner's personal property, and an unsupervised management office (often containing customer credit card information, and cash). The combination of high traffic customers, a high turnover of employees, and an unattended office required a security system that would provide them with high-resolution video and off-premise storage.

Since deploying their Alibi cloud cameras, management has already experienced the benefits of an off-premise surveillance system. When a trespasser enters the property, the owners are immediately alerted in real-time on their smartphone, which they can then download and send to authorities. With Cloud VS, they can grant multiple users remote access into their network, which they can remotely access from a centralized interface. As they transition from a single to multi-site business in the future, they can easily add more cameras and storage— providing their business now and in the future, with a flexible, cost-effective solution that’s as simple to deploy as it is scalable.

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